Wednesday, January 26, 2011

renewed "wed jan 26th, 2011"

This is my Bubba.There's just something about the sound of hoof beats..That steady rhythm,the sound of leaves and sticks rustling & snapping under his feet..There's just something about the smell of know the smell im talking about..the one we all Love..the smell of Horse. Today were getting ready to hit the trails..its a bit chilly,there's snow on the ground, and big smiles will be plastered on the faces of my riding pals and I. No matter whats going on in my matter the trial or burden, time spent with Bubba always leaves me feeling mentally and Spiritually Renewed.. I don't think about the bills i owe,or what time i work tomorrow,or even about the recent loss of my father..when I'm spending time with bubba and were blazing new trails...this minds only focused on him.    

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