Monday, June 6, 2011

Tv Dinners & Whys my dog fat?

I'm eating a Tv dinner. My dog is fat!!
The dog that laid at my feet for the past hour, make'n me allllllll uncomfortable, cause she just HAS to fit her chubb Butt under my desk, so she can lay under my feet & legs, is now staring a whole right thru my plate!!! She doesn't even know I'm eating a meat that doesn't even look like its meat!! But that doesn't stop her from licking her chops repeatedly Aaaand burping,(seriously???) It's like she has this expectation of a  really yummy bite soon to come her way. She sits at attention.
whats really cute in puppies, is not so cute when your Pit Bull is fat and weighs 80 lbs.
Okay, here it is...
She's been on a diet for a whole month, and still gained a pound. We've been weaning her
for a month from Kibbles N Bits gourmet roasted dinner full of fat stuff, over too Pedigree this better help make my dog not so fricking fat stuff.
and she still gained a pound????
It killsssssss me that I cant give her a bite or a lick. She has hip displacia all ready & shes
only 2years old. Her leg was broke after she was born, so one leg is shorter then the other. This is what caused the hip displacia.Shes all ready had her first (episode) as i call it. She was so sore I would of bet my paycheck that she had Lyme disease..but she tested negative..Thank God!!!
So playing Frisbee  with her must of twisted or sprained something.She struggled for a week just getting up & down, up & off the couch, in or out of the car, so we took her to the vet who said my dog needs to lose weight.
I mean it was like boom,one morning she's having trouble getting up.Wake up call" I didn't mean to spoil her so bad.And I surely don't want added weight to rush on the pains of hip displacia.
She is walked sometimes twice a day by Daddy, but absolutely every day this dog gets walked And shes still thick. We play with her all the time..her energy is endless..the only toy she will not chew is her Beloved Racquet Ball. So we take advantage of that.
We play hockey with her, Macie's way.She loves to nose her ball or take her paw and push it to me or she'll snap the ball with her paw. She puts her paw on top of that ball then starts to move her paw backwards till it shoots out the ball with this speedy backspin and it rolls fast and hard straight for i open handed smack it back to her like I imagine you would with a hockey stick and we do this back and forth..she always wins hockey for real.
Both Chris and I throw the ball, all the time,all day or night long, down the hallway which is a good 30 some feet.We have to make her lay down just to force her to rest..
Her favorite is when we play hockey..i just don't get how she is staying heavy..

Anyways I'm getting side tracked..I wanted to give her my Tv dinner plate to lick so bad..
and believe me so does she, but i didn't. Just little reminders of how bad I spoiled her. She is happy to be brushed and thats how I reward her..
After this Tv dinner I decided to sit on the floor with her with my legs straight out in a V.
She crawls up & lays on her head flat on my left thigh with her nose pointing straight up my leg and her big brown eyes locked on me.. she'll lay perfectly still. Honest to goodness this dog puts tears in my eyes shes so loving..
I want her around as pain free as possible for as long as possible..I adore her & need her in my life. I owe it to her to take care of her..

Now Macie's back under my feet and dreaming away and on that note I think I'll retire to the couch for the night with my dog.
We share my big pillow to start but then she always gets down off the couch and then jumps back up on but gets behind my legs most nights..a true snuggle bug..
yawn nite nite