Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Before I continue...a few Thank You's

All this blogging is quite new to me..So I must back up just a few steps before I get too far ahead of myself...Some thank yous are in order..
First and foremost to the Lord who Answered this Nobodys prayer for a horse. I think my exact words were "if anyone can get me a free horse Lord its you" 3 months later I got my free horse whose real name is"Easy Money" or "Mun" for short as some call him..i found it ironic that a free horse would have such a name. I smile every time i think of it. Even God has a sense of humor and a heart that's always heard my prayers.
Second..To the woman who listened to that still small voice that said.." you will not sell this horse but rather give him away". She did not listen begrudgingly..but was Honored to give me the most honorable gift an Indian can..the gift of a horse. I tear now as i type this..I mean it was so had nothing to do with me deserving was a gift..and a second chance at life. I always say she didn't just give me a horse..she gave me "THE" horse...
Thirdly...To my Bubba..i was told that in Italian the nickname Bubba means Love..not like (i love you) but more like (you are love). like something you would call your grampa. An endearing nickname..Thank you Bubba for teaching me about love again, how to live again, how to have fun again!!
For choosing me first as your friend..for placing your trust in me, and for causing me to laugh out loud on so many occasions.
For being my shoulder to cry on, for loving me and helping me to pick up the pieces of my life and move on..
but especially for the peace that comes with such a friendship & bonding.. i feel renewed,centered and full of strength, enough to tackle another day just from spending time with you..
I will shower you with Love..all that i can give and more..

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