Sunday, July 31, 2011

From Interstate to country roads...

I remember the first time my husband and I were invited up to a friends camp in Tionesta,Pa. There was so much construction on Interstate 80 that by the time we hit those winding mountain roads it was like the most welcome feeling. The smell of pine and the cool air was a recipe for instant relaxation. It felt like the grand finale from the busy pressures of life straight into peace of country. Real country.

You could only get one station on the radio & it was country. The quickest way to your neighbors was by quad or horseback.I passed one huge logging company that surely employed most of the towns men im sure.I was in love.

We made a left onto that dirt lane and drove all the way back to find "our" camp was in the very back...It was perfect and private and the privacy fence consisted of bushes too thick to see through and too tall to see over. We had our own section of creek and the view couldn't of been more picturesque. 

Immediately all my energies slowed down, my anxieties became non existent and my mind,body,and soul felt in tune. I could breath.I could think. I loved it immediately.

We unpacked all the necessities while the men were in charge of beer and starting a fire for dinner. It was a long and beautiful night around that camp fire. After a few hours of eating and drinking that country air got the best of me and I decided to lay back on the seat of that picnic table and close my eyes. I threw a sweatshirt under my head and just zoned out to the background noise. On my left I could feel the chill from the air blowing over the creek. I could hear the water forcing its way down stream and the splashing rush over top the rocks and through a huge fallen tree branch. And to my right I could feel the heat from the bonfire and I could hear the crackling of all the firewood burning. Let me tell ya, that was like a lullaby to me. 

I slept like i hadnt slept in ages. I was dead to the world. I slept so sound that after only 3 hours I awoke and felt refreshed,back was a little sore but refreshed none the less. I snuck inside the cabin an made a pot of coffee and quietly snuck back outside,leaving the dogs and the gang to sleep in. I sat down on the porch steps and was all ready having a conversation with God & sharing my excitement over the joy of watching the sunrise on the porch all by myself that morning.

When it was time to leave I was sad to tears. I felt like a little kid asking the hubby if we could pleeeeeeease stay just one more day.I couldn't explain the longing in my heart to stay. The country was everything I loved and I loved how it made me feel. It was a very long and depressing quiet drive back home as was every trip home from camp over the next 10 years. I imagined living there and how my husband would work at the logging plant. I pondered how many horses I'd have and how my barn would probably be cleaner then the house. Hanging my clothes out on the clothesline.I could go on and on...

Buying our first home was the most stressful experience..just like driving thru miles upon miles of construction..and like Camp this place is my little "peace" of heaven.But the best part is I'm never sad going home because this place is my home. A place I feel  I have waited my whole lifetime for. A huge back yard with a clothesline. A beautiful wooden bench under an old Cherry tree.  A front porch swing that gets warmed up a lot...And not just a creek but a stream AND a creek to call my own..I can see me growing old in this place..This is the reason I have not blogged for a month or so..sorting and packing, loading then hauling, unloading then unpacking and daydreaming...Lord I'm exhausted but so Grateful.

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